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Independent Care Act Advocacy is a statutory service provided under the Care Act 2014.

The role of an Independent care Act Advocate

Independent advocates support people to make their own decisions and be involved as fully as possible, representing them and speaking on their behalf where necessary.  They support and represent people who have substantial difficulty in being involved and have no-one appropriate to support them. In these circumstances the local authority must arrange for an independent advocate.

Advocates work with people to:

Who may need an Independent Care Act Advocate

The duty to provide independent advocacy applies to:

  • Adults who need care and support
  • Carers of adults and carers of children in transition
  • Children who are approaching the transition to adult care and support, when a child’s needs assessment is carried out, and when a young carer’s assessment is undertaken.

Independent advocacy must be made available to people who have substantial difficulty in being fully involved in the care and support process:

  • Care assessment
  • Care and support planning and care reviews
  • Safeguarding enquiries
  • Safeguarding adult review

Substantial difficulty in being fully involved means the person finds one or more of the following very difficult

  • Understanding relevant information
  • Using or weighing up the information
  • Retaining information
  • Communicating their views, wishes and feelings

 Appropriate Individuals  If somebody has substantial difficulty being involved, an appropriate individual must be able to facilitate the person’s involvement. In the majority of cases, if there is nobody appropriate to facilitate, for whatever reason, to an independent advocate must be offered.

There are two exceptions to this where an appropriate individual AND an advocate can be appointed.

a)When a placement is being considered in NHS-funded provision in either a hospital (for four weeks or more) or in a care home (for eight weeks or more) and the Local Authority believes that it would be in the best interests of the person to arrange an Independent Advocate.

b) Where there is a disagreement between the Local Authority and the appropriate individual and both think an Independent Advocate would be beneficial to the person.

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